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Jeffrey Zeig, Ph.D., Advanced Techniques of Therapy.

Language is both informative and expressive. It is the expressive component that elicits changes in emotion, sensation, “state,” and physiology; the words only convey part of the message. We will study the effective use of prosody, proximity, gesture, expression and context, and how those channels can be woven into the process of communication to create dramatic moments that empower effective clinical outcomes. Lecture, demonstration, small group practice.

Educational Objectives:

1) Define “microdynamic” gift-wrapping.

2) Indicate two ways in which paraverbal methods increase therapeutic impact.

3) Given a patient, indicate how to use gestures and sounds to increase impact.

4) Define “utilization” and indicate how it is effective.


V EUROPEAN CONGRESS of Ericksonian Hypnosis and Psychotherapy

“Creativity and Hypnosis”

 The topics of the Congress.

a) Trauma, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, psychosomatic illnesses and psycho-oncology. Selected aspects of clinical trials.

b) Family and couples therapy. Working with children.

c) Psychotherapy in different areas of medicine. Working with pain.

d) Procreation, pregnancy, childbirth and hypnosis.

e) Hypnosis - Clinical practice and theoretical issues.

f)  Creativity in psychotherapy.

g) Art therapy

h) Ego state therapy, mindfulness and other approaches related to hypnotherapy.

DAY 1 Thursday 12.06

9.00-10.15 - registration, 10.30-13.00 - plenary session


Jeffrey Zeig, Emotional Impact.
Dirk Revenstorf, Neurophysiological basis of hypnosis as an ego-free state.

Topical Panel : 

„Meeting with Milton” Erickson Betty Alice, Geary Brent, Greenleaf Eric, Nemetschek Peter, Zeig Jeffrey.

13.00-15.00- lunch break

15.00-18.30 workshops/  interactive event  (3,5h)

1. Berezowska Jolanta, workshop: Therapy for nicotine addiction. How to quit smoking without gaining weight. (in Polish/ translated to  English)
2. De Benedittis Giuseppe, workshop: Hypnosis, fibromyalgia and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD): the missing link? (in English/translated to Polish).
3. Greenleaf Eric, workshop: Ericksonian Responses to Cancer. (in English/translated to Polish)
4. Hüllemann Klaus, workshop: Lebensmeisterung bei chronischen Schmerzen und Behinderungen. (in German / translated to Polish)
5. Janik Anna, Pączka Anna, workshop: „Body it ach"…Therapeutic work through body and movement with person to treat infertility. (in Polish/ translated to English)
6. Młynek - Nowaczyk Dorota, workshop: Introduction to the Ericksonian Psychotherapy. (in Polish/ translated to English)
7. Oren Ilana Halina, workshop: "Addiction to carbohadrates" – a misguided creative energy. . (in English/translated to Polish)
8. Prior Manfred, workshop: Punkt, Punkt, Komma, Strich - fertig ist die Lösungssicht. Visualisierung einmal anders. (in German / translated to Polish)
9. Signer-Fischer Susy, workshop: Hypnotic strategies to improve children’s and adolescents’ self-esteem and identity formation. (in  English/translated to Polish).
10. Tschugguel Walter, workshop: Vom Erkennen und Nutzen hypnotischer Realitäten. (in German / translated to Polish)
11. Interactive event. Betty Alice Erickson. Live demo „Hypnosis. Clinical Applications”.  Discussion:  (in English/translated to Polish).


DAY II Friday 13.06

9.30-13.00 workshops/ interactive event (3,5h)
13. Erickson Betty Alice, workshop: Erickson Hypnosis - Directly Indirect Ways of Working. (in English/translated to Polish).
14. Hansen Ernil, workshop: Awake during brain surgery – by hypnotic communication. (in English/translated to Polish)
15. Miller Rick, workshop: Clinical hypnosis: the transformative impact for gay men. (in English/translated to Polish)
16. Nemetschek Peter, workshop: Erickson bei der Arbeit: 150 einzigartige Dias, 2 Videoausschnitte u. Demonstrationen. (in German / translated to Polish)
17. Neumeyer Annalisa, workshop:  Manchmal müsste man zaubern können. (in German / translated to Polish)
18. Revenstorf Dirk, workshop: Posthypnotische Suggestion in der Psychotherapie. (in German/ translated to Polish)
19. Ruysschaert Nicole, workshop: Hypnosis as adjunctive tool to increase happiness. (in English/translated to Polish)
20. Ruzgyte Edita, workshop: "Creativity and mindfulness in couples therapy".(in English/translated to Polish).
21. Zanotta  Silvia, workshop: Hypnosomatische Ego State Therapie mit Kindern, Jugendlichen und Erwachsenen (in German / translated to Polish)
22. Interactive event. Signer-Fischer Susy. Live Demo: „Hypnotic strategies to improve children’s and adolescents’ self-esteem and identity formation”. Discussion. (in German/translated to Polish)

13.00-15.00- lunch break

15.00-18.30  workshops/  interactive event (3,5h)

23. Bass Daniel, workshop: Kinofilme als Medium in Hypno- und Psychotherapie. (in German / translated to Polish)
24. Dohne Klaus-Dieter, workshop: Für ein gesünderes Leben: Potenzialentfaltung durch „unsichtbares Sichtbarmachen“ verborgener Potenziale mit Hilfe von Hypnose und neurobiologischen Erkenntnissen. (in German / translated to Polish)
25. Ferstl (Pollani) Eva, workshop: Naturally Prepared: Hypnosis in Pregnancy and Childbirth. (in German / translated to Polish)
26. Geary Brent, workshop: Utilization in the Management of Pain. (in English/translated to Polish).
27. Guilloux Christine, workshop: Mindfulness, hypnosis and creativity. (in English/translated to Polish)
28. Klajs Krzysztof, workshop: Age Progression – Age Regression and other Trance Phenomena in the families. (in Polish/ translated to English)
29. Vermetten Eric, workshop: How to utilize hypnosis in patients with trauma and stressor-related disorders? (in English/translated to Polish)
30. Weinspach Claudia, workshop: Healing Trauma with Ritual and Ceremony: Connecting Ericksonian Hypnosis and Native American Spirituality. (in English/ translated to Polish)
31. Wierzbowska Anna, Zaborska Katarzyna, workshop: Muses on the couch – how to use your creativity during therapy sessions. (in Polish/ translated to English)
32. Zapała Joanna, workshop: Resourses-based therapy with oncological patients. (in Polish/ translated to English)
33. Interactive event. Erickson Betty Alice, Greenleaf Eric. Live Demo. "Cooperation in therapy”. Discussion. (in English/translated to Polish)


DAY III Saturday 14.06

9.30-13.00 workshops/ interactive event (3,5h)

34. Susanna Carolusson, workshop: How to integrate Ego State Therapy with creative, cognitive, Ericksonian and psychodynamic techniques. (in English/ translated to Polish)
35. Holtz Karl Ludwig, workshop: Imaginationen als kreative Prozesse der Hypnotherapie. (in German / translated to Polish)
36. Hüllemann Brigitte, workshop: Integration und neue Identitätsfindung von feindlich erscheinenden Persönlichkeitsanteilen in der Ego- State- Therapie. Aus Feinden Verbündete machen ! (in German / translated to Polish).
37. Karolak Wiesław, workshop: Art therapy. My new up cycling self-portrait. (in Polish/ translated to English)
38. Lipman Lucyna, Szymańska Katarzyna, workshop: Resources in the Couples Therapy. (in Polish/ translated to English)
39. Loretan Brigitta, workshop: When the Stomach loses the Head, Creative dealing with Irritable Bowel Syndrom (IBS). (in English/translated to Polish)
40. Ramachandra Srinivasaiah,  workshop: Creativity, Mental Health and the Unconscious. ( in English/translated to Polish)
41. Schmidt Gunther,  workshop: “Sucht als Such-Kompetenz: hypnosystemische, Lösungs-orientierte Ansätze für die Transformation von Suchtverhalten in Ressourcen für Beziehungen und Lebensgestaltung“. (in German / translated to Polish)
42. Winnicka Anna, workshop: Disease - the best master. The use of hypnosis in treating psychosomatic patient. (in Polish/ translated to English)
43. Zanotta  Silvia, workshop: Das Monster zum Freund machen: Hypnosomatische Behandlung von Angst und Phobie. (in German / translated to Polish)
44. Interactive event. Geary Brent. Live demo. Discussion. Geary Brent i Klajs Krzysztof. Live supevision. Discussion: (in English/translated to Polish)

13.00-15.00- lunch break

15.00-18.30  Workshops/ interactive event (3,5 h)

45. Ambroziak Violetta, workshop: „Night’s conversations with yourself” .( in Polish/ translated to English)
46. Casula Consuelo, workshop: Ericksonian hypnosis: A Mean to Enhance Creativity in Patients. (in English/translated to Polish)
47. Erickson Betty Alice, Greenleaf Eric, workshop: The Erickson Way: Telling Stories Where They Belong. (in English/translated to Polish).
48. Fischer Melchior, workshop: Gelassen durch die Prüfung: Hypnotherapie, Selbsthypnose und Mentales Training bei Prüfungsangst. (in German / translated to Polish).
49. Garcia Sanchez Teresa, workshop: Is creativity the base of the metaphoric intervention? (in anxiety, selfeestim and orientation to the here and now). (in English/translated to Polish)
50. Kachler Roland, workshop: Hypnosystemische Trauerbegleitung  – Eine neuer Ansatz in der Trauerarbeit. (in German / translated to Polish)
51. Muffler Elvira, workshop: Hypnosystemische Konzepte in der Psychoonkologie. (in German / translated to Polish)
52. Skubacz Małgorzata, workshop: Selected issues of mother - daughter relationship in psychotherapy. (in Polish/ translated to English)
53. Trenkle Bernhard, workshop: Anxiety, Panic and Phobias. Hypnotherapy. (in English/translated to Polish)
54. Virot Claude, workshop: Trance: a psycho-physiological process, heart of Mind-Body therapies. (in English/translated to Polish)
55. Interactive event.   Agnieszka Gmitrowicz, Wiesław Karolak, Kowal Andrzej, Borowik Grażyna,  Arttherapy. Health, illness, creativity. (in Polish/translated to English), Schmidt Gunther, Live Demo. Discussion. (in English / translated to Polish)


DAY IV Sunday 15.06

9.00-12.30 – plenary session


Consuelo Casula, Enhancing women's true power

Bernhard Trenkle, The German National Anthem and other symbolizations in hypnotherapy.

Krzysztof Klajs, The Lure of Freedom. Columbus, Copernicus, Chopin and Hypnosis.

Topical panel:

Do therapists need a creativity ? Lidia Grzesiuk, Bogdan de Barbaro