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Karolak Wiesław, Prof. dr hab. (PL)

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 Art studies broadened by studies in selected problems in development psychology of children and youth and studies in pedagogy define the kinds of activities-from pedagogical work through artistic activity carried out with children, young people and adults to own artistic expression.

Expressions realized in the form of action, performance, happening, theatre, film, artistic workshops.

A number of happenings, actions, performances, workshops in several places in Poland and abroad; mainly in Germany, Finland, England, Austria.

Exhibitions of work presented in museums and galleries of: Łódź, Warsaw, Poznan, Berlin, Chicago, Duseldorf, Helsinki, Prague, Paris, Tokyo.


Last Honors and Awards:

2012, Gold Medal of President RP,

1999 The Edwin Ziegfeld Award for Distinguished International Leadership in Art. Education

1999 Doctor Honorius Cousa University Bielefeld


More important publications:

2011 „COLLAGE”, with Olga Handford, Warszawa: APS,

2010 „ARTETERAPIE”, Warszawa: APS,

2009 „PORTRETY i MASKI”, wspólnie z Olga Handford, Łódź: AHE,

1997 - „Your  MANDALA”- (RAVI Łódź)

1996 - „ART Like a PLAY, PLAY like an ART” (CODN Warszawa)



Art Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Łódź - the holder of the Chair of Artistic Education, manages the Studio INTERMEDIA.


V-ce President of the Polish Art therapy Society KAJROS