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Greenleaf Eric, Ph.D., (CA, US)

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Director and founder of the Milton H. Erickson Institute of the Bay Area, Eric Greenleaf, Ph.D., has treated with, trained, presented and written about hypnotherapy for forty years. His book, The Problem of Evil: Ancient Dilemmas and Modern Therapy, appeared in 2000. Dr. Greenleaf's unique style and extensive background in the use of hypnosis as an aid for enhancing lives and overcoming obstacles is truly something that must be experienced in order to be understood.

One of Dr. Greenleaf's specialties is facilitating communication between the conscious and unconscious mind - enabling people to use more of themselves in their everyday lives.

Most licensed psychologists recognize Dr. Greenleaf as one of the premiere hypnosis trainers in the world. Dr. Erickson chose Eric to receive the first Milton H. Erickson Award of Scientific Excellence for Writing in Hypnosis. Eric practices in Albany, California, in the San Francisco Bay Area.