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Garcia-Sanchez Teresa, MA, ECP, (Madryt, ES)

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Founder and Director of The Instituto Erickson Madrid. The Instituto Erickson Madrid is a very active Ericksonian Institute where a 4 years Psychotherapy and Ericksonian Hypnosis Master is taught by the almost all the Ericksonian direct disciples: Jeff Zeig, Ernest Rossi, Roxanna K.Erickson, Betty Erickson, etc. who are invited to Spain.

Teresa belongs to the hypnosis associations: ESH, ASCH, ISH, and is vice President of AEHE (Asociación Española de Hipnosis Ericksoniana). She is Invited Faculty Member at the Ericksonian Congresses in Phoenix. She has presented the effectiveness of hypnosis and psychotherapy in 21 countries around the world in Congresses, Universities and Hospitals.